Rock Solid Disc Golf
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Located at 820 Main Road in Holden.

Formally known as Gillies Truck Caps.

Located next to Big Bang Boom Fireworks

Please look through the site and see what the course will be all about.

Now Open - 18 Holes - Play All Day - Just $5.00
18 Hole Course
Green Fees
Our normal green fees will be $5.00 for an 18 holes.

$10.00 play all day.

Kids 12 and under $4.00

First Time Players
If your playing for the first time and want to try it out, bring the whole family and use our get rental disks and bags at no cost.  

Although the course is under construction, Rock Solid Disk Golf hopes to create a fun and challenging course for players of all skill levels.   

Located on the 19 acres of land behind Big Bang Boom Fireworks.  The course will be tighter and shorter for the front 9 holes, and then open up for the back 9, where players can really let the drives go.  

The goal is to not cut too many trees originally but over time using player input we will slowly open up the holes as needed to provide the maximum playing enjoying.  

The course will feature 
Innova DisCatcher Pro baskets. These baskets are the top of the line.  They utilize 28 chains in three tiers (outer, middle and inner) to give players the best chance at landing the big shot. 
Come play at our special events and tournaments. You could have people cheering for you and win trophies.  

Just like in the photos that came preload with websites golf theme layout.

It is Disc Golf you know, we try not to be too serious!
Keep checking back for updates on the course development.   

New pictures added weekly as the course develops.

Now Open - 7 days per week 

June 10, 2014 - Sorry about the website
working on it.  

Play for just $5.00