Rock Solid Disc Golf
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Hole #1 - Carnac
This hole is a 300 ft, par 4.
The hole will feature 9 granite upright blocks laid out in the form of the Pleidies Star Cluster.  The hole is inspired by an ancient megalithic site in France, Carnac.  
Hole #3 - Ferntastic
Rock Solid Disk Golf - Hole Descriptions
Please check out our brief hole description shown on the on this page and look at our photo gallery to see what each hole is all about.

All the holes will eventually have names and hopefully a nice theme to go with it.

​Basket placements shown with a yellow circle in the photos.
This hole is 220 ft par 4.  A little short for a par 4 you say?  The hole starts in the woods for about 50ft then makes a sharp left turn and goes up to the top a hill.  In the summer the side of the hill is covered with lush green ferns.
Hole #4
A 333 Ft par 4 - This tee box is near the top of the hill off to the side of Hole 3.  It goes downhill on the tee shot for a 150 Ft then turns right and start going up hill. 
Hole #6 - 400 ft Par 4
Hole #8  - 240ft Par 4
Hole #7  - 300ft Par 4
Hole #12 - 215ft   Par 3
Hole #9 - The Hole
Hole #13 - 410ft  Par 4
Hole #10 - 324ft  Par 4
Hole #14 - 295ft  Par 4
Hole #15 - True North 
Hole #16 - 217ft  Par 3
Hole #17 - 550ft  Par 5
Hole #18 - Rock Solid
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​This is 420 Ft - Par 4.  This will be a tough long par 4.  Starting back in the woods and following along the edge of the wetlands this is our final and possibly our most challenging hole. Ending next to one of the the properties many large boulders, hence the name "Rock Solid"
​This is 365.25 Ft - Par 4.  This hole will be a straight ahead for the entire length.  The distance is an obvious play on the length of the year but the angle of the hole points directly towards the North Pole.  Our location in Maine is only 60 miles off from being half way between the equator and the North Pole.
This hole is a 160 ft, par 3.
This shortest hole on the course but definitely not the easiest.  The basket will be set at the other side of a large depression or hole in the ground.  Don't fall in.
Hole #11 - 500 ft   Par 5
Hole #5 - Tee Box is shown near the stake in the ground.  The hole will head roughly 100 ft straight ahead turn toward the right. 
The hole is named
"End of the Road"
Where the target will be located is at the end of the existing lands access road.