Rock Solid Disc Golf
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Rock Solid Disk Golf - Pro Shop

The product line will feature disks made by the biggest names in disc golf.

  • Innova 
  • Discraft
  • Gateway - Although not a large and well known as the companies, a great American made disk.  
  • We will be looking for more American made disks to sell and are looking into possibly making our own disks.  Any body chemical engineer, with a minor degree in aerodynamics?  I'm sure we can find someone easy enough.
Discraft Nuke - Top Choice by 3X World Champion Nate Doss
Some great discs from Gateway!
We will be converting this building into our temporary Pro Shop.

Lots to do for the 2013 season and the course comes first.

Our state of the art pro shop is going to have to wait until next year.

Fireworks, disc golf, hotdogs, and landscaping is enough for one year and building a pro shop just isn't in the cards for 2013.  However, we will be reinvesting all the revenue from this season into a top of the line Pro Shop that will be ready for Spring 2014!